Dance & Authenticity: Serge Bennathan

We interviewed Serge Bennathan, a Vancouver-based choreographer who founded dance companies in both Toronto and Vancouver. He has created nearly two dozen works for these companies, and has been a guest choreographer for SFU, LADMMI in Montreal, Ballet BC, DanseEncorps, Sara Roche and Lise McMillan, The School of Contemporary Dance, and Mocean Dance. He has … Continue reading Dance & Authenticity: Serge Bennathan

Dance & philosophy: Reflections.

I never wanted to be a dancer. I never had dreams of being in the spotlight, to be idolized, to be watched. However, I enjoyed dancing. I enjoyed moving. I even enjoyed getting better at dance, to have a world of bodily expression opened to me. But I never thought of dancing as a fulfilling … Continue reading Dance & philosophy: Reflections.

On the relationship between psychology and dance.

I feel that the relationship between these two worlds of dance and psychology is not a straightforward one. I had spent a decade focusing on one field (dance), and then an additional decade focusing on the other (psychology), and only in the recent years I have started to draw links between the two. Over the … Continue reading On the relationship between psychology and dance.

Fragile Forms: Reflections on Dance & Architecture

Machinenoisy Dance Society’s new work, “Fragile Forms,” co-presented with the Push Festival is a unique and compelling work, inviting the participant to reflect on dance, bodies, architecture, purposes of shared space, and use of public spaces. I would like to share some reflections on this work with you. Fragile Forms unfolds in different locations in … Continue reading Fragile Forms: Reflections on Dance & Architecture