Dance, Music, & Art Jams!

Our next two improvisational music and dance jam is scheduled for May 27th. It will take place from 2pm until 5pm downtown Vancouver (Yaletown area).

More details on the event & how to sign up: or email us at

This will be a 3-hour improvisational jam session that allows for a creative exploration between musicians and dancers. Dancers will be given a chance to explore within and beyond their repertoire of movement in response to live music. The idea is to create a fantasy-like atmosphere where movement is not limited by a certain genre. Dancers are encouraged to let themselves be guided by enjoyment and curiosity in an instruction-free environment. Visual artists are welcome to join to draw or sketch dancers. Contact us for details if you are interested in attending in this capacity.

Live music will be played by Andrew Short (Voirelia Core Consultant: Art and Music) and Dave Leith. 


As space is limited, we can only accommodate a small group of dancers, on a first come first served basis.  We kindly ask for a $10 contribution per dancer to cover room booking costs. Extra funds will go towards our budget for future events.

2 steps to register:

1.Fill the form:

2.Registration is complete once you send the fee and receive a confirmation email with the exact location. Payment can be done in person or by e-transfer. Contact us for more details at

Photographs above are from our last dance jam in February 2018.



May 26, 2018 – Save the date for a casual and fun sci-fi-themed night – a Rick and Morty Social!

It will be a by invitation only opportunity to socialize, relax, and network, if you wish with others who share your interests in psychology, science, sci-fi, dance, and arts!

 More info coming soon. Email us at for details.




The Quantum Inkblot: A night of physics, psychology, and art.

July 12, 2018 at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.

This summer, Voirelia is very excited to bring to you Quantum Inkblot: A night of physics, psychology, and art. We will be co-presenting this special event with H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. It will include talks from and a chance to chat with physicists and psychologists. Original contemporary dance and visual art works will help us get creative and imagine answers to unsolved mysteries of the mind, and consider how the science of quantum physics influences our perception.

If you have a background in physics (e.g., if you are a physicist working in the field, a researcher conducting studies in any field of physics, or a graduate student in physics), and are potentially interested in being involved with this event or future events like it, please get in touch with us. If you are a community or educational organization who is interested in being involved and supporting this event, kindly send us a note through our Contact tab.

You can also get in touch with us on Facebook at, where you can see more recent photos and videos from a brief dance lab/brainstorming session that included people with backgrounds in physics, psychology, dance, and theatre.

More details coming in next few months!


We wanted to document our artistic and creative process as we put together this unique event. Here you will see examples of original art works and how artistic creation progresses. In the dance photographs included here (by Jason Kirkness), we had a brainstorming session that included people with backgrounds in physics, psychology, dance, and theater. We spent about an hour talking about concepts from quantum physics that people often find “weird” – such as the concepts of waves, particles, wave-particle duality, and the uncertainty principle. We touched on how quantum physics influences our perception of science, the world, and ourselves. We discussed topics of identity and searching for meaning and why the quantum world is so different from what we see with our senses. Then we took our brainstorming to the dance studio. Here, using prompts suggested by physicists and her own knowledge as a psychologist and dancer, Alina Sotskova facilitated improvisational movement exploration. This yielded a great deal of ideas about parallels between physics and psychology, and we will use these ideas a spring board as we begin to develop specific dance works for the event. You can also check out short videos of the improvisational movement research session on our Facebook page, in the Videos section.

The team who was part of the above brainstorming session included: Andrew Elias (Graduate Student working in the field of quantum physics, UBC); Jason Kirkness (Co-lead for the Quantum Inkblot Event and; background: physics and computer science); Alina Sotskova (Co-lead for the Quantum Inkblot Event and; background: psychology and dance). Our dancers were: Angelo Moroni, Michael Demski, Carolyn Schmidt, Alejandra Miranda Caballero, Alina Sotskova.


The images below are samples of original art works by Andrew Short, one of Voirelia’s Core Consultants. Inspired by topics in quantum physics, psychology, and cosmology, Andrew is working on preparing a very special presentation especially for Quantum Inkblot.