NEXT LAB: FEBRUARY 17, 2019, 7 PM – 9 PM

Location: The Scotiabank Dance Centre 

Voirelia is currently developing Dracula’s Garden , an interdisciplinary art series including brief dance poems, poetry, and photography inspired by themes in Gothic literature. This series uses the Gothic genre to explore and critically investigate themes of beauty ideals, the marginalization of things and persons deemed ‘deformed,’ the narratives of the grotesque, and the othering of difference.

We will be working on creation of new dance work for Dracula’s Garden series. If you are a professional or advanced contemporary dancer interested in upcoming employment opportunities with this series, this is a a good chance to see the work process, meet some of the team, and see if there is a fit between your goals and this work. Please message us with questions or inquiries.

Photos from previous lab:

Pointe experience is an asset, but not necessary. Pointe shoes will be used in a variety of ways in this work, including on feet, hands, on other body parts, and symbolically.

Attendance is free, but registration is needed as space is limited.
To register: send an email to or message us on Facebook at

After the lab, if there is interest, there will be a post-lab chat over coffee close to the dance center.

Visual artists are welcome to join to draw or paint as the process unfolds. Please register in advance as well.

This is not a class or a workshop. This opportunity is for adult dancers.

***Photos above are by Alina Sotskova and Ian Sparks from previous mini-lab for Dracula’s Garden with Broken Rhythms Victoria dancers and other independent dance artists.

Past lab dates: August 2, 2018 and October 11, 2018

Free talk with Voirelia’s Artistic Director and Psychologist, Dr. Alina Sotskova, presented by BC Psychological Association.

***LOCATION CHANGE!!! New Location is at Britannia Rink, 1661 Parker st. (3 min walk from location stated on the poster.***

Date: February 16, 2019

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This talk is focused on tools for enhancing psychological health and resilience. Stress, loss, and problems in daily life are inevitable, and it can be challenging to build sustainable, long-term sense of well-being. Psychology can help! There are many things that people can do to build resistance to everyday challenges and enhance quality of life. In this talk, we will cover some examples of what the science of psychology tells us about those “key ingredients” for psychological health & resilience. We’ll talk about three examples: competence; genuine and fulfilling relationships; and a sense of autonomy and meaning. We’ll address how understanding these three psychological needs can help to build the sustainable road to mental health. Specific tools and strategies that have emerged from psychology research will be discussed as examples.

Art/creativity is another example that touches on all three areas: competence, relationships, and autonomy. Dr. Alina Sotskova is the Founder and Artistic Director of Voirelia: a Hub for Dance, Psychology, and Philosophy. Based on her experience, she will draw from examples in dance, visual art, and collaborations between artists, scientists, clinicians, and philosophers to talk about how art can help enhance mental health.

This event is free, but seating is limited. Check out the Facebook event page for more details.



We are looking for professional or advanced level contemporary dancers (pointe experience an asset, but not necessary) to collaborate as dancers and/or choreographers on the Dracula’s Garden series of creating “brief dance poems.”  Pointe shoes will be used in a variety of ways: on feet, on other body parts, and.or symbolically. Most work is indoors. Some site-specific work (outdoor dance film in progress) may be available. Email us for more details or get in touch via Voirelia Facebook Page.





Event description: There will be food, complementary magical spirited and non-spirited concoctions, brief art and dance performances and talks, creative activities, and, best of all, a chance to talk and celebrate with like-minded artists, dancers, psychologists, philosophers, and academics in a relaxed environment where exchanges of ideas abound. 


Alchemy – the transmutation of basic elements into something new and precious – is a theme to celebrate bringing together of Voirelia’s pillars of art, dance, psychology, and philosophy, transforming each new work as it comes in contact with new thought, and changes forever. Facebook event page:




Quantum Inkblot: An Evening of Physics, Psychology, Art, & Astronomy.

Mysteries and questions in quantum physics and psychology will be explored through the lenses of science, contemporary dance, and visual art.

July 12, 2018 at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.

Can quantum physics influence our perception? How can creativity and imagination be used to answer unsolved mysteries of the mind?



Join us for Quantum Inkblot, a collaborative, interactive evening presented by The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre and Voirelia: Dance, Psychology and Philosophy Hub. We will explore quantum physics through the lenses of physics, psychology, art, dance, and astronomy. The evening will incorporate lectures by physicists and psychologists, feature state-of-the-art visual artwork, and original contemporary dance performances.

Between presentations there will be time to take part in interactive art activities, observe physics demonstrations, and chat with physicists, artists, and psychologists. Beer and wine will be available for purchase in the Cosmic Courtyard.


Tickets available online through Eventbrite until noon on July 12th, or at the door:

19+ event. All attendees will be required to provide photo ID upon entry. Doors open at 6:30pm.

The following is a link to a“>video of a recent rehearsal, showing a segment of our conversation as we play with how ideas of symmetry are reflected in the portion of the dance observed by the physicists. 

We have also have a Facebook event page – follow it for all the updates and to see special behind-the-scenes photos and videos of art work development. Check the Video section of our page for more behind-the-scenes videos of dance and art work development.

BC Psychological Association (BCPA) has also provided support for this event and representatives from BCPA will be present at the event and available to chat and answer questions.

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 If you are a community or educational organization who is interested in being involved and supporting this event, kindly send us a note through our Contact tab.

You can also get in touch with us on Facebook at, where you can see more recent photos and videos from a brief dance lab/brainstorming session that included people with backgrounds in physics, psychology, dance, and theatre.

There will be several dance works presented during Quantum Inkblot. Here are the latest shots from one of the rehearsals, with physicists Dr. Jaymie Matthews and Dr. Ewan Hill joining us for a transdisciplinary open-rehearsal style session.

Photographs: Jason Kirkness. Dancers: Sophie Brassard, Michael Demski. Rehearsal direction/choreography: Alina Sotskova


We wanted to document our artistic and creative process as we put together this unique event. Below you will see examples of original art works and how artistic creation progresses. In the dance photographs below (by Jason Kirkness), we had a brainstorming session that included people with backgrounds in physics, psychology, dance, and theater. We spent about an hour talking about concepts from quantum physics that people often find “weird” – such as the concepts of waves, particles, wave-particle duality, and the uncertainty principle. We touched on how quantum physics influences our perception of science, the world, and ourselves. We discussed topics of identity and searching for meaning and why the quantum world is so different from what we see with our senses. Then we took our brainstorming to the dance studio. Here, using prompts suggested by physicists and her own knowledge as a psychologist and dancer, Alina Sotskova facilitated improvisational movement exploration. This yielded a great deal of ideas about parallels between physics and psychology, and we will use these ideas a spring board as we begin to develop specific dance works for the event. You can also check out short videos of the improvisational movement research session on our Facebook page, in the Videos section.


The team who was part of the brainstorming session below included: Andrew Elias (Graduate Student working in the field of quantum physics, UBC); Jason Kirkness (Co-lead for the Quantum Inkblot Event and; background: physics and computer science); Alina Sotskova (Co-lead for the Quantum Inkblot Event and; background: psychology and dance). Our dancers were: Angelo Moroni, Michael Demski, Carolyn Schmidt, Alejandra Miranda Caballero, Alina Sotskova.


The images below are samples of original art works by Andrew Short, one of Voirelia’s Core Consultants. Inspired by topics in quantum physics, psychology, and cosmology, Andrew is working on preparing a very special presentation especially for Quantum Inkblot.