Some of our past and present team members in action:

Current Team

Board of Directors:

Jason Kirkness

Racheal Prince

Margarida Macieira

Artistic Leadership:

The artistic leadership of Voirelia is now co-directed by Alina Sotskova and Jen Aoki. Jen and Alina share the creative leadership in the process of continued evolution of the artistic vision for the Voirelia Hub.

Founder/Artistic Co-Director: Alina Sotskova || Artistic Co-Director: Jen Aoki

For artistic projects, Voirelia has a unique team composed of artists from multiple disciplines. Often, scholars in psychology and philosophy are also involved in the work.

Voirelia’s works are largely project-based and can range from public lectures to dance performances to interdisciplinary science communication events. As such, we work with many different independent artists, dance and arts organizations (e.g., Broken Rhythms Victoria), scientists, psychologists, mental health clinicians, educational institutions, and community organizations, (e.g., H. R. MacMillan Space Centre). If you are an arts/dance/community organization and you want to work together on a performance art project, get in touch with us by emailing us at