Dracula’s Garden

A recent series (three shoots so far, pictures from the third shoot coming soon) that was inspired by 19th and earlier 20th century literature, classic Gothic stories like Frankenstein and Dracula, and authors such as Dostoevsky and H. P. Lovecraft. I wanted to explore how to communicate the complex relationship between light and darkness in…

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Architecture. Landscape. Form. Space. Human. Shape. Line. Extension. Artificial. Minuscule. Unnoticed. Grand. Movement. Emotion. In this series, I have been interested in the expanse of form across artifices of architecture, the happenstance of nature, and the blend that is humanity – capable of being artificial, but also capable of giving in to its complex and…

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Ghosts of Rorschach

This art series examines the intersections of dance, art, and psychology, with a specific focus on the continuum of ambiguity of human perception, inspired by the concept of the Rorschach ink blots. In this series, I use dancers’ bodies to create shapes that begin to be reminiscent of the symmetrical inkblots of the Rorschach test,…

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From Ash

Hades: the underworld. The creatures that inhabit it are covered in ash and soot. They despise their underground prison as well as one another. They wish to escape, to crawl into the human world and fill it with their rage and hatred. But even for monsters escaping Hades, with its dark and narrow tunnels, painfully…

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Forest Ballerina Fairy

This was a whimsical and light-hearted shoot that is exactly what it sounds like: A Russian ballerina fairy frolicking in the woods on a sunny day. Inspired by my love for ballet, Russian literature, and, of course, fairies! Photography: Ian Sparks Concept, artistic direction, costuming, modelling: Alina Sotskova. Shoot assistance: Jason Kirkness.  

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Composition Photography Shoot

In this composition shoot, I was playing around with creating different stills inspired by themes of 19th century Russia, Victorian fashion and traditions, and ballet (a thoroughly Russian tradition 🙂 ). The book used is a first edition of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, written in old Russian. Concept/photography: Alina Sotskova  

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Urban Photography

Paris, Toronto, Nice, Vancouver, Victoria and many small towns from British Columbia and Ontario, Canada are represented in this sample of urban photography, capturing unique aspects of life in each city or town: from a cheeky label on the cupboards at a closing psychiatric hospital in London, Ontario to the Eiffel tower to the peaceful…

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