Architecture. Landscape. Form. Space. Human. Shape. Line. Extension. Artificial. Minuscule. Unnoticed. Grand. Movement. Emotion.

In this series, I have been interested in the expanse of form across artifices of architecture, the happenstance of nature, and the blend that is humanity – capable of being artificial, but also capable of giving in to its complex and messy internal structures, whether these are artificial products of architecture or whether they reflect something that grew naturally, both literally and metaphorically. This is an art series I have been working on since 2014. It is still in progress and evolving.

glacier 3d

glacier 2


Pink background trees space with lighting effects.jpg

feathers and rocks.jpg

Cherry blossoms.jpg

purple crab paint daubs sparkle closeup wblk and wht seaweed3.jpg

blk and white light with pink hat and seaweed closeup.jpg

TURQ living room dance FINAL2.jpg

lavender C.jpg

flower background.jpg

urchin 3.jpg

dancer with seaweed.jpg

Industrial Hamilton dance in windows.jpg

Kelp under water A.jpg