“Understanding and coping with anxiety: The role of self-awareness, psychotherapy, and art” was a public talk by Dr. Alina Sotskova, presented by BC Psychological Association as part of Psychology Month free public lecture series on February 5, 2018 at Hillcrest community centre, Vancouver, BC.

In this interactive talk, Alina discussed different types of anxiety and what can help when worries start to get out of hand. We explored how psychotherapy, art, and dance can help to address anxiety and stress. This presentation incorporated information about anxiety, discussion, opportunity to ask questions, and presentation of dance and photography art pieces to explore how arts can help us understand our own mind better.


Works from different artists, including illustrations and photography were shown with the purpose of illustrating how the arts can help us understand our own mind in new and interesting ways. The above image is by Armin Mortazavi. You can learn more about his work here.


The above image is by Alina Sotskova from a photo shoot with Broken Rhythms Victoria. In this work we were exploring concepts and ideas from Broken Rhythms’ recent contemporary dance work, Thyself.  Thyself touches on topics related to identity, journey of self-discovery, fears, and relationships. Learn more about Broken Rhythms here.

Check our blog section for a detailed, 3-part blog with illustrations, titled Understanding Anxiety. The 3-part blog series  cover some of major points of the lecture.

We’re excited about doing more talks like this in the future. If you are interested in working with us to bring a talk or workshop like this to life, please get in touch with us.