This was an event that brought together artists, photographers, dancers, and psychologists! It marked the opening of the Ghosts of Rorschach (see the Visual Art and Photography section for more details) interdisciplinary art series, with mixed media visual art by Alina Sotskova and photography by Alina Sotskova and Ian Sparks. This event was a collaboration between Alina Sotskova, Ian Sparks, Broken Rhythms Victoria, and Dance Victoria. The event was based on Alina Sotskova’s Ghosts of Rorschach series concept. Based on this concept (creating Rorschach-like ink blots from dancers’ bodies), Broken Rhythms Victoria created and presented original contemporary choreography. Alina Sotskova and Broken Rhythms dancers also presented improvised dance works inspired by the theme of the evening.

The audience had an opportunity to interact with the art works in unique ways by mingling with the dancers and artists in-between the performances, creating their own inkblots, and answering the famous question that Rorschach originally asked his test takes, “What do you see?” with respect to this particular art piece.

jumps dyana and 1 other rorschach copy

The anonymous answers were as fascinating: “sadness;” “moth;” “a woman crawling out of a grave;” “a space kitten with wings and antennae;” “a whale,” and so on.

Thank you so much to the vibrant Victoria Community for making this event happen! It was exactly as it was meant to be – stimulating minds, conversations, and imaginations!

Here is an improvised contemporary piece performed by Dyana Sonik-Henderson and Alina Sotskova, inspired by the theme of the evening. This is the first time that Alina and Dyana shared a stage together.


“Ink,” a piece inspired by the shapes and forms in the Ghosts of Rorschach photography series. Choreographed by Dyana Sonik-Henderson and performed by Broken Rhythms Dancers.


Photographs of the event by Ian Sparks.


Broken Rhythms presented an excerpt from their work, “Seven” as part of this evening.