This was a free talk with Voirelia’s Artistic Director and Psychologist, Dr. Alina Sotskova, presented by BC Psychological Association in collaboration with Voirelia.

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This talk was focused on tools for enhancing psychological health and resilience. Stress, loss, and problems in daily life are inevitable, and it can be challenging to build sustainable, long-term sense of well-being. Psychology can help! There are many things that people can do to build resistance to everyday challenges and enhance quality of life. In this talk, we covered some examples of what the science of psychology tells us about those “key ingredients” for psychological health & resilience. We talked about three examples: competence; genuine and fulfilling relationships; and a sense of autonomy and meaning. We’ll address how understanding these three psychological needs can help to build the sustainable road to mental health. Specific tools and strategies that have emerged from psychology research will be discussed as examples.

Art/creativity is another example that touches on all three areas: competence, relationships, and autonomy. Dr. Alina Sotskova is the Founder and Artistic Director of Voirelia: a Hub for Dance, Psychology, and Philosophy. Based on her experience, she  drew from examples in dance, visual art, and collaborations between artists, scientists, clinicians, and philosophers to talk about how art can help enhance mental health.


If you are interested in hosting a talk or a workshop with Alina on these topics, please contact us with your proposal!