The following are selected mixed media and visual art works by Andrew Short.

Alchemical Collage Series

Art is a process of turning ordinary materials and transforming them into an object that metamorphose-sizes the ordinary and unremarkable physical into the realm of the metaphysical. Paper, magazines, and ink are alchemically morphed into a mirror that the viewer sees their own psyche reflected back.

The following works include: Reborn Again, Scientific Mind, Media Bomb/Necro-Alchemy/Space Rip, Bronze Gollem/Silver Bars/Gold Pyramid, America is Devoted to Kali, Alchemical Sefiroth, Liquid Fire Ceremony

Psychedelic Explorer Series

 This is an on going series depicting important explorers of inner space.

 Maria Sabina

The Mexican mushroom priestess that Life magazine featured in the 1950s with a photo essay and released the secret of psilocybin mushrooms to the outside world.

Maria Sabina

Richard Evan Schultes

The ethno-botanist, explorer and Harvard professor who brought back yage and advised William S. Burroughs where to procure ayahuasca in the Amazon rain forest.

Richard Evans Schultes

Sasha Shulgin

The “mad chemist” of Dow Chemicals who made millions from Slug, Snail and Bug Killer. Shulgin also created MDMA also know as ecstasy.

Sasha Shulgin

Other works by Andrew Short.





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