Show off your support for Voirelia and your local community art creators by sporting an original art piece

Below are select pieces from Voirelia’s previous works that are available for sale on our Society6 page. Each different set is separated and has a short description. You can click on any piece to see its art print on our Society6 page or go to our site and see everything we have available.

As a non-profit, community focused company all profits go the creation of new art works. This is done by things like paying a living wage to all artists that we hire or creating local and accessible low cost events.

These pieces are from the Dracula’s Garden Series and were shot on a chilly October morning on Cypress Mountain, BC, Canada.

These next pieces are from Voirelia’s first full length show that displayed several in the works pieces from the Dracula’s Garden Series. This piece is called Slugs in a Cemetery.

This series is called Fairy Ballet and was shot at the top of Sea to Sky Gondola at the Squamish and Chief Lookout in British Columbia